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Jim Pearsons

"We didn’t know who to trust when we started looking for solar panels. With SmartSolar the process was easy, quick, and we got multiple quotes from the best installers."

Sam Smith

"I honestly didn’t know if solar would be worth it as far north as we are. I got an honest assessment from SmartSolar and when I ran the numbers myself I saw that it still paid off for us."


Put your roof to work

Between federal and local tax savings, utility cost benefits and more, solar can provide incredible ROI to your home. Look how the savings stack up on a typical 8k* system:
Federal Tax Credit: +$8400
Energy Savings: +$149/month
Property Value: + $17,600
Local and Utility Incentives: up to +$4000
*(Cash system fully installed at $3/watt. Est. electrical savings based on national average $0.14/kWh. Estimated 4% increase in value (link) on median US home, Q2 2022)

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Our installers are all rated 4.8 and above ensuring that you are happy with the results.
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We partner with qualified installers who are able to guide and inform you. There is no obligation to install until you are ready.
Make your roof work for you
Not only does solar increase your home's valuation by around 4%, it also saves you $146/month on your electricity bill


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