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Energy prices keep going up. Solar can lower your bills.

Energy prices are only going to keep going up. Installing solar on your home allows you to lower or even eliminate your electrical bill. And with tax credits and rebates, the cost of solar has never been lower.

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Save money

On average, our clients save up to 60% on their electricity bills. Tax incentives and rebates might be available in your area; saving you even more.


Reduce your carbon footprint

Be part of the solution to climate change. Know that you’re doing your part in reducing your dependence on fossil fuels and overall carbon footprint by going solar this year.


Increase the value of your home

The average value of a house with installed solar increase by 4%. For the average American home, that's an increase of $15,360.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is solar energy?
Solar energy is the power derived from the sun. Photovoltaic cells in solar panels convert that light and heat energy into electrical energy that can power your house, or go into the grid.
Do I need any special permits or licenses to install solar panels in my area?
Every state in the country requires you to have some form of permitting. We only accept installers that handle all permitting and are completely licensed for your region.
How much will it cost me to get solar panels installed on my home?
The average cost for a typical home solar installation is between $15-20k. With federal, state, and power company rebates that amount can be offset by up to $12,000. N. American Solar Association can connect you with low-interest lenders meaning that you could have no out of pocket expense, and your power bills will be lower as soon as the panels are installed.
How long does it take for a typical installation of solar panels to pay off the investment and start saving money?
While this depends on the size of your installation and amount of solar exposure your house receives per year, many homeowners have seen payoffs in as little as 8 years. After payoff, some months the power company might pay you!
Can it be used in winter months when the sun doesn't shine as much?
Solar panels can absolutely be used in the winter months, but nearly all owners will see reduced electrical production. Despite this, it's still common to see energy bills up to 40% lower.
What are the benefits of installing rooftop solar panels versus ground-mounted ones?
Rooftop solar won't take up your land! While installation costs are approximately 6% higher on roof, you won't take up any yard space.


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I love my new solar panels! I’m saving $97 a month on my electricity! Best of all, I’m helping the environment!

Liz M.
Norfolk, VA

N. American Solar Association found me the most hopeful installer. They called me within minutes and answered all my questions.

Langston J.
Lancaster, PA

Our rooftop system is beautiful! We couldn’t be happier with Sunlight Standard. Don’t wait any longer!

Marie A.
San Diego, CA

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