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What Is A Solar Generator?

Learn what solar generators are and how they work. Find out if you should consider purchasing a solar generator.
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Written by:
Joey Cheek
Updated on:
November 30, 2022

A solar generator could be one of the best investments you make when seeking renewable energy on the go. Whether you plan to hike for miles or just want to have access to power while camping, a solar generator can help.

If you are considering solar panel installation or want to find out how solar generators can work for your specific needs.

What Is a Solar Generator and How Does It Work?

A solar generator is a type of portable power station. The solar energy system has portable solar panels on it that charge the generator’s battery – all from solar energy. 

The solar energy is stored in the solar battery until you need to use it. You can then plug in the devices you wish to power, such as a smartphone or water purification system, and get the electricity you need.

A solar generator is a type of green energy. It uses the sun’s power to generate electricity to power various devices. It’s a handy device for day-to-day use as well as an essential backup power solution. With a portable power station like this, you can have power available to you no matter where you go. Solar generators work using just the power of the sun, making it a truly renewable energy source.

Solar generators are unique devices because they include all components of the solar power system in a portable device. That includes portable solar panels, a solar battery, a battery charger, as well as an inverter. With a solar energy system, you can capture the sun’s energy, store that power until you need to use it, then power all your devices (ex: electric stove, power tools, jump start your car), allowing you to power mostly anything you need with ease.

There are many potential uses for a solar generator, including:

  • Camping trips
  • RV trips
  • Boating
  • Emergency backup generator

There are four components of a solar generator:

  • Portable solar panels: A solar panel works to capture the energy from the sun
  • Rechargeable battery: The battery is where the stored energy
  • Solar charge controller: Manages how much of the energy stored goes to the battery
  • Solar inverter: Turns solar energy into a usable power 

Once you have them set up and begin using them, the solar generator works very reliably to power your needs. Many of them will have various types of outlets you can plug devices into. This could include a 12 volt socket, USB ports, and AC outlets. 

Depending on the size and overall amount of power converted and stored, you may be able to use these systems for more than one device.

How Does a Solar Generator Work?

Solar battery generators must be able to capture the sun and then create electricity from it to store it until needed. 

The first step is the solar panels collect sunlight. It will then convert sunlight into DC electricity. This electricity then passes through the solar charge controller. This controller works to regulate the amount of voltage of electricity. That helps to ensure the right amount of energy is stored in the battery. The battery then holds onto that energy until it is needed. Once there is a need for it, the inverter will then convert the energy that’s stored into AC power. That is the type of power that most types of appliances, mobile phones, and various other devices use to power.

Solar generators are a powerful tool because of how they work. Portable power stations like this can help people to have power anywhere they go. Most of the solar power generator options are small enough to allow you to carry them around or in a vehicle.

Is a Solar Generator Just a Battery?

No, they are a type of portable solar power system. A solar power generator not only works as a battery to store energy, but it has the ability to capture that energy from the sun due to the solar panels on it. Solar panels convert sunlight that is then stored in the battery for later use. 

What Can I Power with a Solar Generator?

There are some limitations to the use of a solar generator. For example, solar power generators work as well as they are designed. The battery capacity is often a concern. Most of the time, a solar generator can work well to meet your immediate needs in a power outage, but they will not be able to power up your home for long. 

They can be efficient and highly beneficial when they provide essential power backup. Be sure to choose one based on how much energy you need based on device or size of space that requires power.

You can learn more about using a solar generator as a backup power solution to help you in the next power outage and ditch gas-powered generators.

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