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The 8 Best Solar Companies in Los Angeles

We list the best solar companies in Los Angeles. Homeowners and business owners in LA can trust these companies for solar panel installation.
Solar Panels
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Written by:
Joey Cheek
Updated on:
February 5, 2023

There’s never been a better time to switch to solar in Los Angeles. With rising electricity costs across the country, Golden State residents can benefit from up to 90% utility bill savings. But who should you go with for your solar project? 

When deciding to add solar to your home, it's always a good idea to know which solar companies in Los Angeles are the best to work with for your specific needs. Solar panels are not all the same, nor are all of the solar companies available today. It is a good idea to compare several companies to determine which one is best suited for your needs.

How to Choose the Best Solar Companies

A number of factors go into choosing which solar panel company or solar installer is the best. Learn how to find the best Los Angeles County area.

Does the company educate you?

When choosing a solar company, you want to be sure you learn everything you can about solar power and how it works. It is critical to understand how a solar panel system may work, how much power it can provide for your home, and what the solar installer expects to do to meet your needs. You should understand how every component works, including energy production, solar battery function, inverters, and energy storage devices. Also, the solar company should tell you about available incentives and rebates and help you get them. 

What services do they offer?

Solar installers should help you with the entire process. This includes determining what home solar system is best suited for you and creating a custom solar system that works to meet your individual needs. Find out what solar services they offer, such as if they just handle the solar installation or if they will help with maintenance over time.

Is the solar panel pricing transparent and easy to understand?

Solar customers should understand how much it will cost them to install solar panels as a priority. That is, if you do not understand the solar lease, the power purchase agreement, or the solar panel contracts you’re signing, it is critical to look for a new provider. You want to be sure you have a full understanding of the cost of a new home solar system and what goes into the solar project. This should include any government incentives and net metering programs available to you and how they could save you money.

Does the company have a good reputation in your area?

Get to know the solar company well. You want to be sure the solar group has a solid level of experience meeting the needs of residents in your area. Do they have a good history of providing reliable products, and are their solar panels worth the investment? Or, do people complain about a lack of backup power or perhaps even that their electricity bill isn’t what the solar installers promised? Make sure that everyone in your area has a good experience with the whole process, from figuring out what you need to installing the panels.

What is the warranty coverage on the solar panel system?

Get to know the solar companies in your area, including the type of solar panel system they plan to install. You want to be sure that the solar panel installation company provides a long-term warranty on your system. In Los Angeles, CA, that should be around 25 years. Also look for performance ratings, workmanship guarantees, and maintenance options. In any case, the warranty should match the production output rating for the solar panel’s lifecycle. 

Are you buying or leasing them?

If you hope to take advantage of solar incentives for residential solar, you will need to purchase solar panels. However, some people may not want that large upfront payment. They may benefit, then, from the solar lease, where you will pay just for the solar energy produced by the panels but not own the panels outright. Solar panels that are leased may cost less up front, but homeowners who choose to lease may not be able to get tax credits from the government. 

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The Top 8 Solar Companies in Los Angeles, CA

Here are some of the top solar installation and service providers in Los Angeles. Be sure to speak to several providers to determine which one can meet your needs. You’ll want to request a custom quote for the services you need.

1. SunPower

SunPower is a national brand that is well-known and respected for its wide range of solutions. The company offers some of the most efficient solar panels available today, which means it could help reduce your electric bill more than others on the market. They are available in Los Angeles and have some great renewable energy benefits, like being certified by the Cradle to Cradle Alliance for sustainability. SunPower offers a long warranty.

They tend to be a bit more expensive than other providers. When selecting more efficient solar panels, this is usually the trade-off.


SunPower backs its installations with a 25-year comprehensive warranty. This includes the panels, system, performance, labor, and parts. 

Solar Services

SunPower created its own solar panel system, the SunPower Equinox, and it can also install energy storage. These systems are linked, and homeowners can easily monitor their performance using their smartphones.

Financing Options

SunPower offers flexible financing options, but an advisor from the company will discuss the options available for your project. Qualified customers may be eligible for low down payments, as low as $0 upfront.  

2. ADT Solar

ADT, well-known for its home security systems, recently acquired Sunpro, one of the country's leading solar contractors. The company, now known as ADT Solar, operates across the country, including in California. ADT Solar provides personalized consultations and customizations for its solar projects, which integrate seamlessly with the company's existing smart home and security systems.

ADT Solar now has access to a reliable network of solar installers in Los Angeles, and the company provides homeowners with competitive warranties and helpful customer service. ADT Solar also offers flexible financing options as well as additional energy and security products.


ADT Solar installations include a 25-year limited workmanship warranty, a panel manufacturer warranty, and an Enphase microinverter warranty. Exact coverage details will vary depending on the equipment and purchase type, so ADT Solar will discuss your project's warranties during the consultation.

Solar Services

ADT provides solar panel and energy storage services to Los Angeles residents. ADT Solar also provides complete system monitoring.

Financing Options

For new solar installations, ADT Solar offers cash, loan, and lease options, each with different upfront and monthly costs. During the consultation, an ADT solar consultant will go over your available options.

3. Solfinity

Solfinity is a national solar company that offers some of the most affordable rates in the country, with quotes starting at $49 per month. Solfinity provides homeowners with a range of clever solar energy products, such as low-profile mounts, integrated system monitoring, and high-efficiency panels.

Solfinity has been in business for over two decades and has extensive experience assisting homeowners in switching to solar. The company has access to some of the most efficient solar brands on the market and backs up its installations with competitive warranties, making it one of the best options for Los Angeles homeowners.


Solfinity provides several warranties, including a 25-year manufacturer warranty, a 25-year performance warranty, a 25-year workmanship warranty, and a 25-year roof penetration warranty.

Solar Services

Solfinity provides homeowners throughout California with one-on-one consultations and designs. Residential solar projects are handled by the company, which can also install additional systems and monitoring equipment.

Financing Options

Solfinity provides financing options to qualified homeowners but does not provide specifics on its website. Plans begin at $49 per month, but your options will be discussed during the consultation.

4. Renewable USA

Renewable USA provides a straightforward, education-based process. They want you to understand the benefits of solar power and how a solar panel system works. Not all solar panel installation companies provide this level of customer education. Renewable USA also offers good warranties and excellent customer service.

They also help you with every aspect of setting up your solar power system. This includes helping with solar loan needs and installing solar panels directly on your home.

Renewable USA also offers transparent pricing. You will know what you will pay for these solar needs quickly, which tends to be accurate.


Renewable USA offers three warranties: a 25-year standard installation warranty, a 20- to 25-year standard inverter warranty, and a 25-year standard solar panel warranty. During your project consultation, the company will go over the specifics.

Solar Services

In addition to solar power and energy solutions, Renewable USA can help with lighting, HVAC efficiency, pool equipment, and full system monitoring. 

Financing Options

Renewable USA has 1-15 year power purchase agreement (PPA) financing options for as low as 0% interest rates and $0 out of pocket. 

5. Tesla Energy

Although the cost is on the higher end, many people appreciate the prestige that comes with installing solar panels from Tesla Energy. Their solar panels are considered very durable and have a high-efficiency rating. One thing that Tesla Energy does offer is the best solar battery available in the solar industry right now: the Tesla Powerwall.

There are some drawbacks, such as less-than-ideal customer service in some situations, and they can be hard to obtain in some situations.


Both Tesla's solar panels and solar roof come with a 25-year warranty that covers equipment and performance. The warranty on solar panel inverters is 12 and a half years.

Solar Services

Tesla provides various solar services, including full solar roof installations, solar panels for existing roofs, and battery storage through the Tesla Powerwall system. Tesla, of course, can provide electric vehicle charging.

Financing Options

Tesla offers cash and loan purchase options but only reveals financing details once the roof is inspected. Tesla does require an initial 10% down payment.

6. Momentum Solar

Momentum Solar is another large, well-known solar panel company and one you should consider working with. The solar panels made by this company are some of the most efficient on the market, but they are not the best. They also do a good job of educating their clients. Warranty coverage is also very good.

Momentum Solar has a heavy sales process, which can be overwhelming if you are unsure which solution is best for your needs. However, they are certainly worth comparing.


Momentum Solar installations include a 12- to 25-year workmanship and solar panel warranty. In addition, the company offers maintenance services for systems that have been purchased or financed.

Solar Services

Momentum Solar offers complete solar consultations and designs. Momentum Solar can also install Enphase battery storage systems, one of the top brands in the country. 

Financing Options

Momentum Solar allows Los Angeles residents to buy, finance, lease, or opt for a solar PPA. However, the company will go over the specifics in your free quote.

7. American Array Solar and Roofing

American Array Solar and Roofing provide great solar solutions in LA. They also know roofing which means they will not install a solar panel system that is not a good fit for your home. You will find they have a strong local relationship and tend to be an excellent choice for those who want reliable options.

Pricing from this company will vary greatly depending on your solar energy requirements. However, they are very supportive and informative when working with new residential solar customers.


American Array Solar and Roofing's website does not provide specific warranty information, but most solar panels come with 12- to 25-year performance and workmanship warranties. During your initial consultation, American Array will go over warranty details with you.

Solar Services

Residential solar and roofing installations, as well as solar battery technology, are all available from American Array. The company can also install EV charging systems.

Financing Options

American Array Solar and Roofing offers financing with as little as $0 down, but details will be discussed during your inspection and consultation.

8. Solar Optimum

Solar Optimum has been in the area for over ten years and is known for being a top-notch solar panel installer. Their solar energy and backup battery systems have been able to power home systems reliably for a long time. Their prices are competitive, and their solar warranties are also very good.

You will want to learn as much as possible about their product, including the efficiency rating of the solar panels, before you decide to have them installed.


Solar Optimum's solar installations are backed by a 25-year panel, inverter, performance, racking system, and workmanship warranty. Roof installations are also backed by a 25-year warranty.

Solar Services

Solar Optimum specializes in solar installation, battery storage, and roofing. The company serves both residential and commercial clients and can install a variety of solar systems for a number of projects.

Financing Options

Solar Optimum provides flexible financing options, but during your consultation, one of its energy consultants will discuss which options are available to you.

Final Verdict: Who’s the Best Solar Energy Company in Los Angeles? 

SunPower is our top recommendation for the best solar company in Los Angeles. From the initial consultation and design to the final touches and power up, SunPower provides excellent customer service. SunPower uses high-efficiency energy products from leading manufacturers to ensure that you get the most out of your panels.

All of the company's installations are covered by industry-leading warranties, and its customer service team is extremely helpful with any questions or concerns. And, thanks to SunPower's advanced energy monitoring features, homeowners can easily analyze their system's performance years after installation.

Finding the Right Solar Company for Your Needs

A solar system generates electricity that you can rely on, but you need to have a solar company you can trust to provide the very best product for your needs. The solar installation process can be difficult. For those who are still determining what to expect in the Los Angeles area, having a top-rated solar installation company by your side can be reassuring.

SmartSolar partners with the best local solar installers to make it easy to find the one right for you. Our installers help with every step of the process, from custom designs, questions, and more.

Joey Cheek

FAQs About Solar Companies in Los Angeles

Are solar panels worth it in Los Angeles?

Yes, solar panels are worthwhile for Los Angeles homeowners. Of course, this will depend on electricity consumption, sun exposure, roof size, and other factors, but significant energy bill savings and incentives pay off over time. 

What are the benefits of having solar in California?

Because solar energy is a clean and renewable energy source, solar-powered homes produce fewer emissions and have a lower carbon footprint. And, with rising electricity prices in California, solar energy can help you save money on your monthly utility bills. 

How much do solar panels cost in Los Angeles?

The cost of solar panels in Los Angeles is affected by a number of factors, including project size, sun exposure, electricity consumption, and available solar incentives. Generally, most homeowners can expect to pay between $2.50 and $5.00 per watt. 

Do solar panels increase home value in Los Angeles?

Most homeowners should expect increased property value after installing solar panels. Of course, every market and property varies, but most homes see positive value increases due to electricity savings in Los Angeles. 

Can I install solar panels myself? 

While it is possible to install solar panels yourself, be prepared to navigate the project's challenges. You'll need to conduct thorough research, consult with manufacturers and sellers, and apply for all required permits and inspections. You will also need advanced electrical knowledge, so it is usually best to consult with a licensed professional.

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