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Are Solar Panels Worth it in Florida?

Are solar panels worth it in Florida? Without a doubt, there are advantages to a solar panel system, but before you invest, learn more at
Solar Panels
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Joey Cheek
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January 19, 2023

Are solar panels worth it in Florida? Solar panels can be a significant investment in your home, but for those who are considering whether or not to install them, there’s more than just that cost to keep in mind. Solar power is good for the planet and could lower your energy costs. When it comes to solar panels in Florida, it’s also very dependent on the type of panels you install and if you can lower the solar panel cost. SmartSolar can help you make the best decision for your home. Contact us directly to learn more and to get started.

Should You Invest in Solar Panels in Florida?

Florida is a leading state in the race to add solar panels. Because of its location and the amount of solar energy present here, many people can benefit from solar panel systems. Residential solar installations in the state continue to grow, but for everyday people who are not sure about making a big decision like this, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Take a look at some reasons why you should install solar panels in Florida.

Solar installation could be more affordable than you realize

Installing solar panels on a Florida home will cost a bit of money, but there are several solar incentives available that may make it more affordable than many realize. For example, the federal tax credit is available to provide a tax credit for up to 30% of the total installation costs for the solar panel system. That’s just one way to reduce solar panel costs.

For example, you may be able to get a property tax exemption, sales tax exemption, and there may be Florida solar rebates available to you depending on the type of solar panel system you install. This, coupled with the federal investment tax credit, can help you get solar installations for a fraction of the overall cost you anticipate it.

Also, note that net metering may be available in many areas. In these situations, utility companies pay you for the excess power that your solar panel system generates. In this process, you can sell excess power to the power grid, reducing your electric bill even further.

There’s ample solar energy

Solar panels pay you back, too. Though it is a great savings to tap into the solar tax credit, it’s even better not to have to worry about paying increasing power bills. If your current electric bill continues to increase, especially with the high heat and humidity here, then investing in solar panels will help you save money.

Florida residents know that the summers are hot here, and that often means running the air conditioner quite a bit. With a solar PV system, you do not have to pull power from the electric grid to do so. Rather, your solar energy system will generate the power you need to keep the system operating at its best, generating the electricity that your home needs to meet all of your power demands.

Energy production like this means you do not have to pay for power. How much do you pay each month to power your home? With the best solar panel installations for their homes, Florida residents can expect to get rid of that bill or at least cut it by a lot.

Keep in mind that you are likely to remain connected to the electricity grid. That way, if your solar equipment fails for any reason, such as a breakdown in the associated solar equipment, you still have power coming to your home. That’s critical in the Sunshine State.

Solar panels are good for the environment

Another reason to get Florida solar panels is that making the move helps you do your part to protect the environment. Fossil fuels, like coal and natural gas, pollute the planet, creating carbon emissions that can worsen the ozone and impact the environment overall. Solar panel installation—on a large scale—may help to reduce that impact, making it possible for you to power your home without having a negative impact on the planet.

Having a renewable energy property also means that, as these natural resources are depleted, you don’t have to worry about that. The sun isn’t likely to run out, and as long as you have a solar system that’s working, you have access to energy production to meet all of your home’s needs.

Installing Solar Panels – What Goes Into the Process

With so many potential benefits to residential solar systems, it may seem like an easy decision to make. Yet, it is worth knowing what to expect when it comes to adding a solar system. What does solar installation mean for you in terms of your day-to-day life and the installation process itself? Here’s what you can expect.

Meet with a solar installer

Solar installers work with you to figure out what kind of system will work best for your home. Having solar panels installed is a very customized process that includes considering how much electricity you use. Solar companies can help you determine this by referring to your last electric bill from the utility company. It should show how much energy your home uses on a routine basis. The residential solar energy systems are then customized to your specifications.

How many solar panels will you need? That’s dependent on the amount of energy your home needs, based on your utility bills. The solar panel installation costs are estimated based on the size and type of panels you choose.

Check your roof

You will also work with solar companies to make sure you have enough roof space and that the roof itself is in good enough condition to have solar installed. Solar installers will discuss the various options available to assist you with this, such as how many solar panels you may require, their location, and any roof updates required.

Getting the panels installed

Next, solar installation companies will work with you to figure out the best system for you and make sure you qualify for any federal solar tax rebates, net metering, and other tax credits that are available to you. Most Florida solar panel systems will qualify.

You may want to consider reducing the cost of the solar panels. For example, you can use a solar loan to help pay for the cost of the system. This lets you still get tax breaks for using solar power, which lowers your overall costs. There are several solar tax incentives that may apply if you purchase your system. In the Sunshine State, you might not be able to get tax credits if you decide to lease solar power systems, such as through power purchase agreements.

Is Solar Power Worth the Investment?

It is up to you to determine if solar panels are worth it to you, but for many property owners, there are some excellent reasons to invest in them.

  • Solar panel efficiency is increasing, which means you’ll need fewer solar panels than before, and you’ll find that solar panels decrease in price over time, too.
  • Utility companies in the state offer a wide range of benefits, including tax credits but also net metering opportunities for Florida residents. That means you’ll pay less for solar than you thought.
  • You can have enough solar energy produced to meet your monthly energy consumption. And it can be affordable to have a system like this installed.
  • With a solar battery installed, you can count on having solar energy available to meet all of your ongoing needs. A solar battery helps you to store solar energy produced by your system for periods when there is no sun, including at night.
  • You are doing your part to help protect the environment. Many Florida residents value this since their environment is so significantly impacted by carbon emissions.
Joey Cheek

What do Solar Panels Cost?

For many people, the decision to invest in solar power and solar panels themselves comes down to the cost. The federal solar tax credit will help to reduce this cost, and with other solar incentives, you’ll see costs fall as well. However, the cost to you is dependent on the size of your home as well as the type of solar panel efficiency you select.

To find out more about how much solar panels cost, reach out to our team. Let us help you determine what incentives may make this easier for you to afford.

Solar panels are worth it in Florida. You could definitely save money, protect the environment, and make your own energy, so you wouldn't have to depend on the utility company. To find out how well solar could work for you, use the SmartSolar quiz. Take a closer look at just how much money you could save and what options are available to you today.

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